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My significant

In a sudden morninng everything is normally going The time is ticking the water is flowing the air is blowing the world is turning then you just passed by and in a bit i just dont know why everything just stop for a while seeing you in mile get me lost on style since then,… Continue reading My significant

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Eight for Eternity

Babe, one word with four letters But always the reason of my happiness. Its been eight rocky-roads we've been through ❤️ Eight months of joy and pain 😞😂 Eight months of having you babyy 😘❤️ Its quiet long, but its a like a hundred years that we are together.I love your company that always bring… Continue reading Eight for Eternity

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3rd for ETERNITY

Ito na yata ang pinakamahabang tula na aking maisusulat simula nung ako'y namulat sa pagmamahal na hindi masukat at sobrang naiiba sa lahat yung tipong ika'y magugulat sa dami ng aking gustong isiwalat marami akong gustong sabihin na gusto kong iyong damhin ang bawat liblib ng aking damdamin sa bawat oras na ika'y kapiling sobrang… Continue reading 3rd for ETERNITY

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I’ve said I love you but I lied

  He holds my hand like he wanted me to stay forever. He holds my neck and pushed me towards him. He hugged me tightly and put my head on his chest feeling his heartbeat saying- don’t leave me, my love. I cried because I lied. He kissed me hardly and bite my lips forcefully… Continue reading I’ve said I love you but I lied